It is a French public prosecutor has an investigation opened after French actress Adèle Haenel, director Christophe Ruggia of misconduct, has been accused of. The actress gets support from her co-workers, Marion Cotillard.

Adèle Haenel tells the director Christophe Ruggia of behaviour. That started when she was twelve-years-old, and continued until the age of fifteen, explains that the now-thirty years as an actress on the site: Mediapart . She is referring to, inter alia, from unwanted touching and kissing.

The film was about twelve when she was cast in the film Les diables from Ruggia. Played them as a child with her brother in search of her parents.

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User has the Haenel have never made a complaint because, she said, no, have faith in the justice system when it comes to violence against women. However, the public prosecutor is taken on the basis of its story, a preliminary investigation was started to “” of sexual harassment against a minor by a person in a position of power’. “She is mistaken when she says that the justice of such a situation, do not approach it,” says the minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet of France Inter . The prime minister called Haenels’s testimony “courageous”.

an Unhealthy obsession.

Haenel, who in two césar awards winner, and was recently seen in the Cannes award-winning film, Portrait de la jeune fille and the firewall, . She decided to use her story as to when the documentary film, Leaving Neverland had ever seen. Therein, telling the two men how to, Michael, Jackson, them, years and years of abuse when they were children.

“I realize that I have to be a long time for the release of Christophe Ruggia was being followed, and that the story was all about,” she said. “It reminded me of the mechanisms of control, and a fascination with understanding.”

Haenel: “Ruggia has created a system to help me isolate me every weekend to be with him at home. It was a man of about forty years of age, every week a young girl was between 12 and 15 years old, in a room that was for her and tried to touch him. It was not ambiguous. It wasn’t romantic, it was pure pressure. I just froze up.”

Mediapart explored her own story. According to the testimonies, was developed by the director of an unhealthy obsession with the young actress. The two traveled together to promote the film. When she was 15, she tried to explain that the tires Ruggia again.

Director denies it.

Ruggia, who is now 54 years old, has denied the sexual abuse. However, he admitted that he had made mistakes. “I didn’t see that, my respect and admiration for her, and hope that I provided you allow it, it would be able to come because of her young age,” he said in a statement. “Once this is done, then I ask for forgiveness.” He says that “social exclusion has been set in motion”. And I can’t do anything to get out of it”.


Haenel says that she is shocked by the denial of Ruggia. In the meantime, the French association of film directors Ruggia will be suspended. “We want to offer our support, admiration, and recognition of the actress, Adèle Haenel opinion, that had the courage to take the silence after a few years here as well.”

Also, actress Marion Cotillard has praised her co-workers. “You’ll break through to a heavy silence,” she says of the social media. “Your testimony is a strength.”

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This e-mail message on Instagram

Everything, Ton courage est un cadeau d’une générosité sans pareil pour les femmes et les hommes, pour les jeunes actrices et actors pour tous les be abimés qui savent maintenant grâce à toi qu’ils n’ont pas a subir cette violence. Et pour ceux qui l’ont subie, qu’ils peuvent parler, ils seront écoutés et entendus. Tu brises of un silence si lourd. Ton témoignage est d’une puissance inouïe. Il résonne profondément. Chere Adèle, University de l’histoire. L’histoire de cette révolution libératrice. Notre histoire et celle de nos enfants. J’ai une gratitude infinie envers toi.

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