Tested can bake The sour dough, The Frankenstein Moment of the new man will have bread. This is very time-consuming, but it’s also joy – and soon, the dough is everywhere.Stefan Busz3 Kommentare3Auch little monsters have a home: The mother yeast in a Jar.bu

The Züritipp tests Useful for the time, not only in the Corona of a crisis. Currently: Sourdough.

Three things, it is said, had to do the man: a child, plant a tree, write a book. A fourth thing is now come to this: sourdough bread is to bake the new man. Is of course idiotic. Because the production of sourdough bread is time-consuming and takes forever. No one actually has time for such things. Except men, of course. So: I.

Now, how to begin? My teacher (it is the high ladies and Claudio Del Principe) suggested: Apples in the kitchen two weeks to Mature, then the Slices for two days in water to ferment – and that is just the starter kit and get. I took the shortcut, mixed the flour with pomegranate juice and voilà: after three days, the first bubbles appeared. Hurrah, that thing is alive! It’s my Frankenstein Moment.

The little Monster must now be fed daily with 50 grams of flour, half a Dezi water, just so it remains in a good mood (unless you are the mother yeast is in the fridge). Anyway: I am not now in the case of bread production, I pull and stretch, knead, or dough. And see yourself as the dough. Dough hands, dough in the face, dough everywhere. Wife says: Plant but better on the balcony of a tree.

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