Test drive – Sex Appeal with SubstanzAls Seat Leon gets the Modular Transverse matrix of Volkswagen, the new VW Golf 8 is based, a completely different character. And it would do him good. Thomas Geiger2 Kommentare2Die fourth Generation of the Seat Leon rolls out in the next few weeks, starting 24’950 Swiss francs on the street.Photo: seat although it is based on the Golf 8, the Seat Leon dynamic as his Wolfsburg counterpart.Seat state of the art and “always on”: the Cockpit of The new Seat Leon.Seat1 / 5

so Far, Golf was a distinguished and highly respected sports, but really a lot of Sex Appeal to have the player not be broadcast. But storms when the end of month gross prices starting from 24’950 CHF (Leon sports Tourer from 29’400 Swiss francs, with 130 PS), the fourth Generation of the Seat Leon, the Golf course, then the thing looks a little different. Because with a lot of desire and passion, the Spaniards prove once more that the kit cart from the Modular Transverse only a part of everyday life as the Wolfsburg Bestseller can construct, but also a fiery seducer, the Alps, and twisted us to the North of the head like a Tango couple at a night dance on the Ramblas.

But as handsome of Leon with his sexy face, the muscular flanks and crisp downside drawn on it and so fiery, he’s not going with the 150-horsepower gasoline engine, so full of delight he turns and direct steering around the curve and as fast as he (was the adaptive suspension in sport mode, thanks to) the blood in the case of an exit on a racetrack to the boil-he only has Sex Appeal, but also substance.

New drive diversity

this is Why there are passionate Design, a lot of clever technology: This begins with the drives, the cover for the time being with Three and four cylinders in a range of 110 to 150 HP and with petrol and diesel engines, Mild – and Plug-in hybrid with 60 miles electric range and a gas-upgrading to offer more variety than most competitors. This, however, leads also to the assistants, to nearly Autonomous highway driving, and ends with the ambiance, similar to Golf a big step towards digitalization. The Leon around gets a completely new and, accordingly, uncluttered Cockpit with virtual instruments, a large Touchscreen, and the sensor fields of the drum, the replace all button. And, of course, the Leon is “always on”, connects seamlessly with your Smartphone, navigate online, and with all sorts of Apps to accumulate.

in Addition, it offers more space than previously: Around 9 inches to 4.37 m grown, and in the wheelbase by 5 inches stretched, is there enough space on the rear bench now well above the pre-school age. And if that’s not enough, get the Leon surcharge as combined with a further-grown trunk. Because while it remains for the five-door model with a capacity of 380 litres, the load capacity of the ST model is already in the upright back of the bench to 30 liters and now measures 620 litres.

the Spanish are aware of their seduction. But they also know the specificity of its most important export customers in Northern Europe. And because you can’t do these baits alone with the heart, you have not drawn the new Leon only sharp, but also pointed expected to: For the same engine, the Leon is a bit cheaper than a VW Golf.

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