Test drive More radio for the Jazz Honda equipped the popular small a new Outfit, a pleasing interior, and an innovative hybrid-drive car. Nevertheless, a certain Groove is missing him still. Dave Schneider0 comment pretty, modern and from now on only with a hybrid drive: Honda puts on the Jazz new.Photo: PDDer Japanese small car is not practical and economical, driving dynamics, however, is its strength.PD”Magic Seats”: The rear seats can not only move and fold down, the seat can be folded also like in the movies high.PD1 / 4

Innovative Honda is, you have to give the Japanese manufacturer. The small car Jazz, for years the most popular model in Switzerland, has not only a unique concept for the interior, but in the new Generation, a particular hybrid drive. Combined with the new Design, the modern amenities and the upgraded interior will not be bought the little Honda definitely still like to – however, people who value a good driving experience.

not to say it is clear that Driving is the strength of the Japanese small car. Although he keeps a good rhythm when he’s in swing, and straight ahead very well mannered, rolls, bring it curves rapidly from the clock. The steering is spongy, quick change of direction can cause seasickness, and Overtaking the adrenaline going, especially when it goes a bit uphill. Also, the noise is anything but music to the ears, if one calls the Jazz something.

idiosyncratic way

not for the people with petrol in their blood so, but such cars are still bought, by customers, to which other things are important. To provide for the new Jazz a lot. Starting with the “Magic Seats” referred to rear seats: not only folded together, it is also the seat cushion can be folded up. Since the gasoline tank is located under the front seats, so the rear seat is a deep cargo space, in which a Yucca can be transported. The front seats have to be completely flat, folds into a bed. Add to this a good all-round visibility to the driver’s seat, a modern infotainment system and a homely atmosphere. With this interior concept, the new Jazz in the B-Segment stands out.

The does the Japanese with his drive. Unlike the competitors, the Toyota Yaris, the Jazz is not driven from a combination of combustion engine and electric motor. In the e-HEV-mentioned System of Honda, the front wheels are driven, the drive force is almost always alone, of an electric motor with a power output of 80 kW (109 HP). The 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine produces in conjunction with a second E-Motor (Generator) power. Only in a few driving situations in the higher speed range, the System can also be used to connect the gas engine directly to the drive axle.

Crosstar is to Young to attract

The advantages of this system: The internal combustion engine can usually be at the most efficient speed operated. The efficiency is therefore much higher, according to the manufacturer, it is located at a maximum of 40.5 percent, instead of the usual 25 percent. The consumption is correspondingly lower. “This is about the same as if you wash at night, do your Laundry, because then the electricity is cheapest,” explains the former Honda engineer and technical consultant Kotaro Yamamoto. In addition, a conventional gear, which minimizes friction losses does not apply to this drive way, but on the other hand, of course, is one part – a welcome effect for the manufacturer cost. The standard fuel consumption of the new Jazz of 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres is on a par with the much larger Toyota Prius, with a “conventional” hybrid drive. The average CO2 emissions of 104 grams per Kilometer sounds good, but is still clearly above the applicable guideline value of 95 grams.

With the new Jazz, Honda wants to reach a younger audience. To help the slightly higher distance and with roof racks and plastic, is provided with variant planks Crosstar. In addition, the small can be ordered tones, the car is also available with contrasting roof and new color, which makes at least for a little selection. Because when you drive, there is no: In the whole of Europe, the new generation model will be sold exclusively as a hybrid version of the e-HEV. Ultimately, the Jazz has a little more Funk, a certain Groove is missing from the Japanese but still.

The new top modification Crosstar is to attract younger buyers. The higher-slung and with a growing share of decorated Version there are from 30’050 CHF. Photo: PD comment please Login to comment