Although it technically derives from the Escape, the Bronco Sport has a personality all its own. In addition to its adventurer appearance, this utility vehicle offers some fun advancements, such as a bottle opener integrated into the interior hem of its tailgate. Compared to the Wilderness, the Bronco Sport is more spacious. However, it is more expensive, noisier and consumes more fuel. In addition, its seats (at the front) are too narrow and too uncomfortable compared to those of its Japanese rival.

No possible hesitation: we find the red cheeks of our childhood in front of this strange cubic silhouette. Fun to look at, the Renegade is not very pleasant to own. Its reliability is a problem and this model will bow out in a few weeks. The confusing management of the automatic transmission does not allow you to get the most out of the 1.3L engine. To compete with the Crosstrek Wilderness, you must opt ​​for the Trailhawk version ($41,390), the only one to benefit from a guard raised floor, protective plates and an “off-road” selector.

Of all the rivals featured here, the RAV4 Trail is, by far, the most economical at the pump. It is also the one that offers the lowest ground clearance. Faced with the Wilderness, the RAV4 struggles to hold its own, regardless of the terrain on which it operates. Skid plates are optional in the TRD Package ($4900). Off-road, the Subaru is more efficient and more agile, while on public roads it is more comfortable, quieter and dynamically more pleasant.