Price: from $52,784

Mazda isn’t targeting the Pilot directly, but the Pilot nonetheless has a case for convincing buyers, although it doesn’t turn out to be as elegant, as refined or as fun to drive as the CX-90. The Pilot, on the other hand, makes better use of the available space. The tricks on board are numerous, the seats are clear and the trunk swallows a greater quantity of luggage than in the CX-90. However, it consumes more hydrocarbons and, for the time being, Honda does not comment on the imminent arrival of a hybrid engine.

Price: from $59,240

Much like Mazda, Jeep aspires to mingle with luxury brands. The price of the Grand Cherokee L is testament to that. Unfortunately, by opting for the extended (L) version, the buyer cannot benefit from the 4xe plug-in hybrid engine (offered on the regular Grand Cherokee) or the Hurricane 3.0L inline-six. The latter should, however, make its debut under the hood next year and suddenly dislodge the 5.7L Hemi V8 still offered. In the meantime, the consumer must fall back on the 3.6L V6. The latter does not have the heart and the legs strong enough to stand up to Mazda’s 3.3L. Otherwise, the Grand Cherokee will be appreciated for its off-road capabilities, its higher towing capacity and its comfortable ride.

Price: n. d.

The EV9 deals a heavy blow to many utility vehicles with three rows of seats. Fully electric, this Kia is expected in dealerships by the end of the year. It promises an electric range of 480 km when its drive mode is limited to two-wheel (rear) drive. Kia has yet to release the range of the all-wheel-drive EV9, which will feature two power units powered by a 99.8 kWh battery. The towing capacity of the EV9 rivals that of the CX-90, but unlike the latter, its configuration only allows it to accommodate seven people on board.