TeslaMic can be used with an in-car Karaoke system

Tesla’s Chinese Arm has sold out.
To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the 
automaker upgraded the karaoke function offered by its entertainment system and added a TeslaMic.
The accessory includes a pair microphones that can sync to your vehicle. This allows two people to sing along to the lyrics and music while you wait for your car to charge or sitting in the car. Tesla’s most recent cars are equipped with external speakers that allow for music and other sounds.
The TeslaMic costs 1,199 
Chinese Yuan or approximately $118.50. It was, indeed. The product was so popular that its page on Tesla’s website crashed. It was quickly listed as sold out. However, the number of copies left was not disclosed.
This is not the first novelty Tesla has made available in recent weeks. 
The stock of the $50 Tesla Cyberwhistle that was designed to look like a Cybertruck pickup and the $1,900 Cyberquad For Kids electric toys ATVs were exhausted soon after they went on sale in December. They have not been restocked.