The attackers set fire to the bombs in front of a luxury hotel, stormed the facility and fought then until the Morning exchange of fire with the police: In case of an attack of Islamist terrorists in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, are at least 21 people were killed – including, according to official figures, an American and a Briton. In addition, five of the attackers were killed, at least 28 more people were injured, as police chief Joseph Boinnet announced.

The use around the Hotel, DusitD2 began Tuesday afternoon and ended only on Wednesday morning. President Uhuru Kenyatta said: “All the terrorists are eliminated.” He spoke first of the 14 deaths, later, this number further increased. More than 700 people had been brought during the mission in safety, it said.

The Al Qaeda-affiliated Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab claimed the attack. The act was a response to the decision of President Donald Trump in December 2017, Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, to recognize, said the militia on the radio station Al-Andalus.

The attack began with an Explosion in front of the Hotel, then a suicide bomber in the Foyer blew himself up in the air, as the police said. Some of the heavily-armed attackers barricaded themselves after hours in the complex. Eye-witness to Joseph Katana reported that the attacker had indiscriminately shot. “But I had run was luck, and hide me.” On early Wednesday morning, shots were heard, such as a dpa reported Reporter.

Always attacks in Kenya

The Somali extremist group Al-Shabaab perpetrated again and again, attacks in the neighboring country of Kenya. The Sunni fundamentalists want to create in Somalia a so-called God of the state and in the case of bombings and attacks killed thousands of people. Kenya’s armed forces to support the Somali government in the context of a military operation by the African Union (AU) in the fight against the terrorist militia.

The case of foreigners, popular luxury hotel is located in a fairly Central and affluent area. Like most of the Hotels and shopping malls in Nairobi, DusitD2 for incoming cars goes through a safety check in front of the entrance. In the building complex also includes offices, such as a from the German software manufacturer SAP, as well as shops and Restaurants.