Be more patient and take the time to savor the good things. An entrepreneur must, by definition, be ambitious, but we must not lose sight of the fact that ambition can quickly become a mad race with no finishing line.

My first trip to Grasse, the perfume capital.

In joy and good humor. If a project isn’t going as planned, we’re behind schedule, and we’re feeling stressed, I often say, “OK, OK, stay happy and in good spirits, please,” while at the same time grinding your teeth loudly!

I started my business under the name Essence Workshop. It may be symbolic, but the day I changed my name to Ruby Brown remains a pivotal date for me. My person, my passion and my business have become one. There is a huge responsibility in giving your name to your business, since everything becomes personal. The good shots and the less good ones are now made without a safety net. A lot of pride and pressure to see people appreciate products signed with your name.

My best habit is to constantly seek to improve my products, my processes and my business model. My worst habit is to have a tendency to continually question everything. In short, the secret here is to find the balance that allows me to move forward with confidence.

Yes ! And I hired a professional coach who taught me this principle that, as someone who always wants to be at 110%, 95% is correct. I work on this every day [to get there].

There have been several times when I’ve thought about opening flagship-style stores! That was the basic idea, the familiar ground where everyone invited me to go. It was a bit of a logical start when I launched the brand in 2015. I almost gave in, but I always appreciated the freedom that the digital world gave me. This freedom allowed me to test several concepts and products that have shaped my business over the years. (However, it is not out of the question to open Ruby Brown boutiques one day, confides the entrepreneur.)

No, quite the contrary. There is a touch of creativity in the way we dress, which means that I find a lot of pleasure in it. Fashion is my second passion. Imposing a dress code on myself would be like imposing the same perfume on myself every day. I need to have some fun!

An oversized candle that required a huge artisanal pot and several people, which quickly destroyed the profitability of the project… These pots are today my most beautiful champagne buckets!

I imagine that the satisfaction of having achieved or even surpassed your dreams must be the key to the ideal retirement. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still very early to think about it, because I’m dreaming big, very big!