The new football-enthusiasm of the German TV viewers can be expressed in Figures. In front of a record-setting German team has managed on Monday to enter the semi-finals of the world Cup and on TV for the first time, the Ten-million mark cracked. The Live Broadcasts of 22:21-victory of the DHB-selection on Croatia saw 10,02 million people in the ZDF and ensured a market share of 30.4 percent. So many spectators, there was never before the knockout round of a world Cup.

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

The new Handball enthusiasm in words. “With such a success, we did not expect,” said ZDF-sport-in-chief Thomas Wagoner of the German press Agency. “That football in Germany is popular, we knew, of course, but so many spectators, we would not have expected.” ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky “the interest is impressive”.

Even the TV professionals are flabbergasted. “It is surprising that the Figures have been reached so early in such a height,” the ZDF-sport-in-chief. And Balkausky said: “This great success has surprised even us and shows that the return of the Handball world championship in public programmes was a correct and important step.” In the case of the two previous world Championships, there were only Broadcasts in the Pay-TV (2015) and the Internet (2017).

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

As it last for the Handball world Cup in free to the receiving television was, were the rates more modest. In 2013, looked at the preliminary round 4.02 million to play in the sectional. And also at the home world Cup in 2007 in the first round (4,57 million), significantly less TV viewers than it is now. Even in the main round not a Transfer, came to more than seven million. The euphoria began later and led the final 16,16 millions of TV viewers.

a number for comparison: the value of The Croatia game on Monday as the most effective in the main was well above the TV-round game of the world Cup in 2007. At the time, to 6.49 million people had seen the Transfer of the main round match of Germany against France. Only in the semi-finals of the Ten-million mark was cracked. Why is football so successful? “People find our handball players cool because you have a high grip and approachable. The are idols to the touch,” said Fuhrmann and had cut down a small side for the football of Europe: the “Other team sports can cut off a slice.”

The football broadcasts are even more successful than the national football League with the Bayern game against Hoffenheim on Friday, live on ZDF. With the world Cup Broadcasts, most recently the 2018 football is much more popular than Handball. “The drama of the game is simple and easy to follow,” named in the ZDF sports Director one of the success factors of the hand-ball on TV. “There is a lot of Action and athleticism, and part acrobatics as in the case of Andreas Wolff, if the throws the legs up to head height.” And, above all, said Carter: “It’s crazy exciting.”