Telephone canvassing is a plague for many households, harassed at all hours of the day by various more or less scrupulous prospectors. This controversial commercial practice is however regulated by law. In April 2022, new measures were also put in place to protect households against the risk of abuse.

But of course, not all marketers respect the law in the same way.

This is why many French people, registered on the Bloctel official opposition list, still receive their untimely calls.

In some cases, for example in the context of charitable fundraising, or for the sale of newspapers, canvassing remains, moreover, perfectly authorized.

It also remains authorized with regard to the supply of energy (gas, electricity, etc.). But some bandits often take advantage of a phone call, insisting on ripping you off…

If you notice that a telephone salesman is not respecting his obligations, you can report it in several ways:

The law provides for a fine of up to 375,000 euros for companies that do not comply with the law on canvassing. To know what you should report, and when you can legitimately be suspicious, it is therefore important to know what is prohibited.

Discover in our slideshow the 8 things that canvassers are not allowed to do when they call you.