“Hello, this is to discuss your CPF account”. This kind of unwanted calls, many French people are victims of them every day. Sometimes the personal training account cold calling hides even the worst scams.

Entering into force in 2015 as part of the vocational training reform, the CPF is a continuing education system financed by the public authorities. Concretely, it allows the French to convert their years of work into training rights

Since then, to attract employees to their establishment, the sales representatives of the training organizations have redoubled their ingenuity… Until they sometimes abuse cold calling.

In any case, this is the scourge of which many French people complain. Especially since in some cases, canvassing, which has also become the prerogative of crooks, is only intended to rob its interlocutors, by selling them a training they will never see the color of.

It is in this sense that a new security service has been in place on the official website of the Personal Training Account since Tuesday, October 25.

From now on, to pay for training on moncompteformation.gouv.fr, you will have to go through the FranceConnect service, assures Capital.

A device to be distinguished, however, from its “cousin” FranceConnect, which notably allows access to several official services, such as the tax site or the Ameli platform.

Because FranceConnect only works… with a La Poste digital identity, or, if necessary, via a dual-factor identification application on a smartphone.

According to the interministerial digital directorate (Dinum), however, other providers will soon be added to FranceConnect.

In any case, the device should allow you to secure a possible subscription to a training… and to avoid scams.

In addition, at the beginning of October, a legal text prohibiting commercial canvassing linked to the CPF account was adopted by the National Assembly. It should be definitively voted on next December, after a passage in the Senate.