The network operator Telefonica (O2) and Vodafone suits against the rules for the frequency allocation in the upcoming mobile communication standard 5G. “The Federal network Agency agreed award conditions, in our view, legal uncertainty and barriers to Investment,” said Telefonica Germany spokesman Guido Heitmann on Sunday in Munich. Therefore, we have submitted to the administrative court in Cologne just before Christmas, action.

Vodafone Germany goes this way. “We have expressed our concerns against various conditions at an early stage and, after a thorough examination of the adopted conditions to the application determined”, it was the people of Düsseldorf.

for Legal clarity

To Details did not want to speak to a Vodafone spokesman, referring to the ongoing procedure. Also, Deutsche Telekom had announced plans to consider legal action. No information on the current state were at the weekend, first to get.

Telefonica spokesman Heitmann said the legal step Telefonica wants to produce legal clarity. This relates to the core requirements for the supply in the area, and to cooperate with other providers in the so-called Roaming.

Heitmann complained that network operators should invest heavily in an area of supply, with the method provided range of frequencies not meet. “Also, there are ambiguities with a view to Roaming and the guidelines for cooperation with service providers.”