The second season of LOL: who will laugh last?, this closed-door competition led by Patrick Huard, where 10 comedians must make others laugh without laughing themselves, starts with a bang: a first yellow card is given after 1 minute 49 seconds! In the second episode, a particularly fit Stéphane Rousseau, decked out in a costume that will lead to the early elimination of a competitor, delivers a deliciously silly stand-up number thanks to which – new this year – he will win a immunity hat. The departure is less conclusive for Roxane Bruneau and Tai TL, a star of social networks, who seem rather faded alongside Mariana Mazza, Pier-Luc Funk, Rosalie Vaillancourt and company.

Our favorite pun show is entering its 10th season, and although he has welcomed 135 guests and visited 540 restaurants since 2015, Sébastien Benoit goes on his foodie trips with as much enthusiasm as a hungry person at Pacini’s bread bar. Directed by Olivier Tétreault and produced by Déferlantes, this new collection of episodes presents us with the good gastronomic addresses of personalities like Geneviève Guilbault, France D’Amour and Chantal Fontaine. This week, we discover Nathalie Simard’s favorite places. On the menu: a questionable gibelotte recipe with Kraft Singles cheese slices, puns, lots of “I love you”s and a few alcoholic slip-ups at chef Jean-Michel Leblond’s Kabinet.

With the gala season in full swing, the arrival online of Martin Scorsese’s latest feature film comes at just the right time, especially for those who did not have the courage to go and enjoy it in theaters due to a slight detail: its duration of 3 h 26 min. Unveiling a part of American history that we didn’t know about (the tragic fate of the Osage people in Oklahoma at the beginning of the 20th century), this captivating western starring Leonardo DiCaprio (brilliant, as always) and Lily Gladstone (of a great accuracy) deals with issues that still resonate very strongly, 100 years later: systemic racism, the patriarchal system, corruption and greed. And yes, we would have taken more.

After dropping the Gala Québec Cinéma, Radio-Canada announced that it was preparing a program dedicated to Quebec films in the works. Produced by France Beaudoin, this special program is finally on the air. For 90 minutes, Karine Vanasse visits the film sets of the feature films which will be released in theaters in 2024, including 1995 by Ricardo Trogi and Mlle Bottine, inspired by Bach and Bottine, which stars Antoine Bertrand and Marguerite Laurence. The actress turns out to be a good interviewer. We feel that she is really interested in local cinema, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She even reveals a scoop: the identity of the actresses who will play in Deux femmes en or, the new version that Chloé Robichaud will soon film.