Technical analysis: the stock market, the time has come to Wait


    Christmas and stock exchange – to not quite fit together. The stock market is a mass of greed takes place day in and day out; Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of giving – and it is. In the stock market, we always try the others out; someone must have finally, the shares when the prices fall. Christmas but asks to live in peace with each other and to be there for each other. The stock exchange pays homage to the filthy lucre, and Christmas has written, especially the love on the flags.

    now, You could argue in the best economic manner, that the stock market is a blessing, because it bundles many individual interests and create something collective Good: stock exchanges, for example to the optimal allocation of the production factor of “money”. That would be in the spirit of Christmas: “stock market” is the world a better place. Completely wrong, this view is not the way though. But the “optimum factor allocation” as an Argument, therefor, that stock market and Christmas have somewhere a common denominator, is extremely difficult, even for me, I’ve devoted my career in the financial markets.

    The spirit of the “stock market” is simply a very different Christmas. The more Christmas for me is the call, this to be against the principle every year aware of the and get just about the Christmas days, a good distance to the stock markets.

    This is the year 2018, really well. On Monday, Christmas is on Tuesday and on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday a bridge day, the following Monday is new year’s eve, and then new year. Admittedly, Eleven days without a “real” stock market for me used to be so good as to be incredible. Not a Kick in sight!

    A few years later, has changed my access. I really look forward to the days where I can exchange the stock exchange, be and me without the question to bed it is allowed to adopt what has driven Wall Street in the evening. And in the morning, the thought from the springs, what was going on in Tokyo so not driving me. It is not so that I would not find it all that exciting. More of a simple realization drives me: I’m better when I ausklinke me in between times. And then it’s Christmas and stock fit together perhaps for a Moment. The Feast of the birth of Jesus Christ helps to identify the really Important, even in Price trends.

    that’s Exactly why I’m going to days, my estimate for the next year until next year, so after the celebration, publish. As of today, the Outlook will be in 2019 as a little rosy as my view on 2018. But who knows: Maybe that will change.