Teamsters Leader Lindsay Dougherty Addresses AI Trucks, Wages, and Potential Strike

Teamsters Local 399 leader Lindsay Dougherty is gearing up for negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), alongside other Basic Crafts unions, to secure increased wages, health and pension benefits, and protections against the rise of artificial intelligence in the industry.

The industry slowdown, exacerbated by last year’s strikes, has left many union members without work. Despite this, Dougherty remains optimistic about reaching a deal without the need for a strike, citing the potential consequences for the AMPTP following last year’s production shutdowns.

One key priority for the Teamsters is addressing the use of autonomous vehicles, a growing concern across various industries. Dougherty also highlights the importance of securing fair compensation for union members, as well as reclaiming concessions lost in previous bargaining agreements.

Negotiations are ongoing regarding funding for pension and health plans, with a focus on introducing a new streaming residual to support these benefits. While the likelihood of a strike remains uncertain, Dougherty believes that a reasonable and realistic deal can be reached to benefit all parties involved.

Despite the challenges posed by conflicting priorities between streamers and legacy media companies, Dougherty remains confident in the bargaining process and the potential for a positive outcome that will benefit both workers and employers in the industry.