Te Whatu Ora Addresses Nurses’ Safety Concerns

Amidst fears raised by members of the Nurses Organisation, Te Whatu Ora has responded to concerns regarding safety risks for both nurses and patients. The directive from Health NZ to save $105m across hospitals by July has sparked apprehension among nurses.

Health New Zealand has proposed cost-saving measures such as not providing cover for sick staff, eliminating double shifts, and reducing overtime. The organization clarifies that these actions are aimed at reducing overspending, not making cuts.

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation has taken action by reaching out to Health NZ’s chief people officer to express concerns about the potential impact of these changes. Nurses are already facing burnout and leaving the sector due to existing pressures.

Te Whatu Ora’s chief people officer, Andrew Slater, has engaged in discussions with Kathryn Ryan to address these issues.


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