Taylor Swift Americas sweetheart is passed to the indie
Taylor Swift Americas sweetheart is passed to the indie

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The skeleton rhythm of “Only The Young”, that hymn minimalist that appeared at the end of the documentary “Miss American” as a reminder musical of his political awakening (the song, fruit of the frustration of the election result, came to say that only young people were able to dislodge Trump of the White House), since she threw a track on the changes that he was undergoing the creative universe of Taylor Swift.

it is Now clear that the melody dressed with the bare minimum, little more than a box of rhythms trotona and a synthesizer, it was the link that connected the superpop of “Lover” (2019), lush and colorful work of electronic bomb, with the spell spectral of “Folklore”, album recorded during the confinement, which the american singer released yesterday almost by surprise. “Most of the things I had planned for this summer have not been produced, but there is something that you had not planned and that has happened. And it is my eighth studio album, “Folklore”. Surprise,” announced the singer in their social networks Thursday, a few hours before his new album saw officially the light.

Coincidence or not, also his archenemy Kanye West had announced new album for yesterday, but only as the author of “Shake It Off” fulfilled his word and brought to light a fortnight long of songs composed and recorded during the pandemic. “Before this year, he probably would have thought too much on when it would have been the perfect time to launch this work, but the times we live in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed. My gut tells me that if you do something that you love, you should show it to the world,” reasons the singer.

In his brief note of introduction, Swift spoke of a few songs on which he had poured all of its “quirks, dreams, fears and reflections”, but if something called everybody’s attention was the involvement in the project of musicians such as Aaron Dessner (The National) and Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver), in addition to the usual Jack Antonoff, right hand of Swift in recent years.

And that is light years away from the country of hat that you received it with open arms, being still young and far too in blockbusters such as “Reputation” , Taylor looks for your site and, for the moment, it has been found by the side of Bon Iver and The National, accomplices and influence necessary in the construction of a disk of open spaces, surrounding atmospheres and keyboards fluffy.

Discrete arrangements of guitar and micrografts electronics do the rest in a work that the u.s. put land of by means with “Lover”, a work that does not amount to even a year of life and with that, Swift began to leave quietly of their comfort zone to, as he said then, to put soundtrack to your “emotional confusion”. “With “Lover” I felt that gave me permission to re-visit old themes on which he used to write, maybe look at them with new eyes, then explained.

Between Wool and Sufjan

A year after that, the change of direction is even more evident. Apple Music present the disc with the label alternative already says a lot, but enough to paste the ear to discover an artist who, weary, perhaps, to beat the copper with Lady Gaga or Katy Perry of turn, looking to change the league to get closer to Angel Olsen, Eve Owen, or even Sharon Van Etten. Also the spectrum wandering of Lana del Rey, and the charm of artisan Sufjan Stevens wander through an album that Swift has co-written for the most part along with Aaron Dessner, guitarist and mastermind of The National, and in which the voice of a cherub shot of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) sneaks in an “exile” that is, written to four hands between Swift and Vernon, had not desentonado in “22 Million”, or “I, I”.

In this sort of veer towards the indie, the exdiva Nashville also counts with the collaboration of an enigmatic William Bowery after that, as speculated yesterday their fans, they might find both his brother Austin as her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The rumor mill, however, it matters little in this album emerged practically out of nothing and oblivious to the controversies that have surrounded the artist in recent times. It will be that, without the need to lubricate the machinery of direct with hymns and explosive choruses taquicárdicos (a macroconcert right now is pure science fiction), Swift, 30 years newly met, has found the calm and the serenity needed to sing with all the letters and as they really deserve the loss of innocence.