Taxes: why you will pay more this month


September is ending, the payslips are coming… And the 2022 tax balance too. Except that this time, the withholding tax rate has increased, indicates MoneyVox. Your salary is reduced. Error on the part of the DGFIP (General Directorate of Public Finances) or your employer? No, it is a completely mathematical measurement. The reason why your levy swelled in September? The rate is calculated each year by the tax authorities, but it is provided in the regulations that September 1 is the last deadline to update it.

Generally, it is only from the end of the month that it is possible to see this update.

Make sure that it is the increase expected by the taxman. On the DGFIP website, consult the rate applicable to your salary, opposite the date 01/09/2022.

If the increase is incorrect, it is possible to claim a reduction in the levy. However, the administration is asking for an estimate of the 2022 income of the tax household to modify the rate. In addition, this modification can only occur if there is a difference of at least 10% between the bad rate and the good one.

Alternatively, couples with a large income gap between partners can opt for the individualized rate. This does not change the amount of tax but the proportionality of the tax rate on the income of each individual.

Do not worry, in case of too much puncture, you will be reimbursed in the spring…