Do you already have or are you about to complete your tax return? Please note, if you have changed your family situation, the tax authorities may ask you to file not one, but two declarations. Here are the relevant cases.

Did you divorce or break your Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) during the year? “Two separate declarations must be filed by each of the two ex-spouses or partners for the year of divorce, break-up of Pacs or separation”, specifies the tax site.

And to specify: “Each declaration must include the income received on a personal basis as well as the share of the common income for the whole year”.

Also remember to declare your separation online.

In the event of a death, two tax returns must be made in the year of the death of one of the spouses/partners:

In this case, it will also be necessary to report the death of one of the spouses/partners online. As notified by the tax authorities, “the surviving person can easily declare the death of his spouse/partner, complete the joint declaration and then complete his personal declaration”.