Taxes: the 6 things to do before December 31


Each year, the progressive scale of income tax is revalued according to inflation. For your 2023 declaration, which will therefore concern your 2022 income, the levels of this scale will be increased by 5.2%. If your income has not increased, then you should pay less tax compared to the previous year.

Still, your purchasing power will not necessarily be improved: indeed, this revaluation is done to compensate for the effects of inflation, which means that you will logically be able to do less with this positive difference in your budget than ‘one year ago‚Ķ

In times of crisis, tax audits are more frequent: and for good reason, the State must more than ever minimize its losses of money as much as possible. And it is relatively effective: in 2021, the government would have collected more than 10 billion euros following tax audits, as Le Figaro reports.

It is important to make sure that you have correctly completed your income tax and wealth declaration. Since the entry into force of the “right to be forgotten” in tax matters, you can still modify your declaration online between September and mid-December. In the case of a late declaration, the penalties incurred amount to 10%, against 40% for deliberate breaches.

So you can still work to reduce your tax bill until the end of December! So here are 6 things to consider to do so, according to the Opinion.