Taxes: the 5 credits and reductions most forgotten by taxpayers


It is well known that the tax return is to make it nightmares for some… It is however an obligatory step in each year of life of an active citizen. Some can afford to have it done by a professional, who will not only take care of this hated chore, but make no mistakes and likely optimize your tax bill.

This type of service is very expensive, however, and is therefore unfortunately not available to everyone. A hasty tax return can not only cost you dearly in penalties if you are wrong, but also because you can miss out on opportunities to benefit from tax reductions or credits. In which case the tax authorities will not remind you…

Good news: there’s still time to get it right! Indeed, individuals who have filed their tax return online can now make changes to almost all of the data entered, until December 14. However, you will not be able to modify your bank details, and you will have to go through another procedure to alter the information relating to the family situation or the address, as Le Figaro reports.

If your changes result in an increase or decrease in your tax bill, the irregularity will be compensated. In the event of a reduction in the amount to be paid, a corrected tax notice will be sent to you, and the overpayment will be refunded to you if you have already made the payment. If your tax bill increases, you will receive a new tax notice stipulating the amount to be paid.

Find below the 5 things to check before December 14 to possibly save a little for the holidays, according to MoneyVox.