No, taxpayers have not yet finished with the General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFIP). Far from it in truth… since it is not because the declaration campaign is over that the rest is too. Several million tax households eligible for a tax refund know something about it! The first beneficiaries, recalls the specialized site, have already been entitled to a refund. The money for theirs was paid on Thursday July 21, 2022. The others will have to wait until Tuesday August 2 of the same year.

Very often, such refunds are explained by an error in the deduction at source. Some taxpayers have paid more than they theoretically should have, because they did not think about changing their withholding tax rate, for example. In other cases, they were simply entitled to a tax credit, which reduces the amount that had to be paid.

Certain scenarios open up the possibility of adapting its withholding tax rate. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find below.

To adjust the withholding tax rate, you must go to your specific space hosted on the official tax website. As the French administration explains on the public service platform, you must then go through the “Manage my withholding tax” section, which provides access to the “Report a change” option as well as the possibility of updating the rate “following a rise or fall in income”. Remember, however, to bring an estimate of your income for the past year.