Good news when it comes to taxes doesn’t happen often. Last September, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced the indexation of the income tax scale to inflation. For the new year which begins, this scale is revalued by 4.8% as stipulated in the 2024 finance law. Without the revaluation of the scale, more than 300,000 taxpayers would have become taxable, according to Bruno Le Maire.

It’s not yet time but it’s better to know the tax calendar in advance, so as not to find yourself taxed. Like every year, millions of French people will be asked to declare their income on next spring. The 2024 vintage has some changes in store but no major upheavals. Here are the first important dates to know to get a head start.

The General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFIP) will publish on April 13 the form allowing you to complete your income declaration, explains the Journal du Net. The document is accessible online on the website Regarding the paper declaration, it will be sent to people who still use it, between April 6 and 25. Although it is possible to complete your declaration upon receipt, you do, however, have a deadline to respect to send it to the tax administration. Deadlines depend on the declaration method chosen (paper or online) and your department of residence.