Taxes: how to take advantage of the discount for press subscriptions?


Many taxpayers are now looking to reduce the bill. And for good reason ! Since April 7, 2022, it has been possible to inform the tax authorities of the reality of their emoluments in 2021, with a view to collecting the tax due for the year 2022. In other words, it is now necessary to declare his income. And because the prospect of paying is rarely pleasant, some are asking about the best ways to lighten (legally, of course) the tax base. Several devices exist, a number of which have been mentioned in our columns.

But there is also, recalls Ouest-France on its site, the subscription to the press. If this device is already well known, it is clear that it has also been the subject of some changes in 2022. It now allows you to benefit from a tax credit of 30% for any subscription taken out between May 9 2021 and December 31, 2022… Provided that the latter lasts at least 12 months. The principle applies to both a paper subscription and its digital version, remind our colleagues. Only new subscriptions (not renewals) are affected.

The tax credit is not subject to any means test this year. However, it will be next year and, that being said, you still have to ask for it to be able to take advantage of it. This means that you must provide the administration with a tax receipt, communicated by the press title from which the subscription was taken out.