The last month of 2023 is marked by the arrival of the end-of-year holidays… but also by multiple deadlines for taxes. What are the key dates to remember? We take stock for you.

Here are the closest: The deadline to rectify 2023 returns on 2022 income is December 6. If you wish to make a correction, you will have until 11:59 p.m. to do so using the online correction service. With a new tax notice sent immediately.

Still for last minute corrections, you have until December 13, 2023 to modulate or cancel the payment of the advance of reductions or tax credits. As Moneyvox explains, if an individual has stopped caring for a young child in the current or early 2023, adjusting will allow them to avoid paying a large balance at the end of summer 2024.

Another tax, the due date of which is eagerly awaited: that of the housing tax on secondary residences. If, from now on, no French person pays housing tax for their main accommodation.

However, it still remains due by the owner, usufructuary, or tenant when he or she has furnished accommodation (and its outbuildings) as a secondary residence, recalls an article in Le Particulier from the newspaper Le Figaro. Deadlines are also coming soon for the latter.

As the tax website reminds us, the date of Friday December 15, 2023 also represents an important moment in this last month of the year. Here are the key points:

On Wednesday December 20, the deadlines are similar to those of Friday the 15th, except that they are intended for online payments, as also indicated on the tax website:

Below, in our slideshow, are 7 dates to remember urgently: