Taxes: everything that changes in 2023


Energy, food, services… In 2022, inflation affected almost all areas. Faced with this, the French have seen their purchasing power decrease day after day and have had to change their way of consuming in order to make significant savings.

At the same time, several social aids have been upgraded while wages have also been able to increase, in particular those aligned with the level of the minimum interprofessional growth wage (Smic). In 2023, inflation is likely to continue to rage and may well extend into the spring.

Fortunately, the State has provided various aids to support the most precarious French people. We can notably cite the fuel allowance of 100 euros which concerns the 10 million most modest workers who use their vehicle daily to get to work.

Salary increases are also expected for 2023. Thus, from January 1, civil servants will see their salary increase by 1.8%. As indicated by the Ministry of the Public Service in a press release, the agents will therefore now receive a minimum salary of a gross monthly value of 1,712.06 euros.

For private sector employees, an increase is also to be expected since the minimum wage will be increased by 1.81% on January 1, 2023. Thus, it will now reach the amount of 1,709.28 euros gross monthly for all employees.

In addition to these increases, other changes are also expected for 2023, particularly in the area of ​​taxes. Discover in our slideshow all the changes concerning taxation for the coming year.