Declaration campaign requires, the French and the French have the head to the tax. For some of them, it has even been necessary to inform the tax authorities for several weeks so as not to be exposed to possible late penalties… Which can sometimes be expensive. Others may wonder about the conformity of the income they may have been required to declare. Fortunately for those, it is still possible to correct the form sent to the teams of the General Directorate of Public Finance.

A boon for all individuals who have received income by mistake? Potentially, but it is clear that it is not always necessary. Explanations.

Capital indeed returns to the case of an unemployed taxpayer, who would have been paid more than reason by Pôle Emploi in 2021. Given the undue payment received, which he also had to reimburse, he asks about what it is necessary to report to the tax authorities.

In some cases, it is not necessary to alert the Bercy teams about the undue amount. This rule applies when it has been repaid in the year it was received. Otherwise, however, it must be declared (even if it was reimbursed before the declaration campaign) and taxes will have to be paid on it. However, it may be deducted from the taxable income of the following year. Other solution ? Alert the administration and make a request for an informal appeal.