Taxes: dates to remember in June


The 2022 income tax return for 2021 is coming to an end soon. This May 31 is also the deadline for filing the paper declaration, including for residents abroad. Initially scheduled for May 19, the deadline has been “postponed to May 31, 2022 in order to take into account the situation of certain users who received their pre-filled 2021 income statement in paper format late”, indicates the Public Service.

May 31 is also “the deadline for filing the 2022 2021 income tax return and the 2022 real estate wealth tax return via the internet for departments 20 to 54”, notes the administrative site. The two departments of Corsica included.

What about the important deadlines for the month of June?

It is the turn of taxpayers in zone 3, i.e. departments numbered 50 to 976, to complete their 2022 tax return on 2021 income and their property wealth tax return, online. They have until June 8 to do so.

Here are all the departments concerned:

Also be sure to remember the next date.

Property tax, residence tax, TV license fee, business property tax (CFE)… This June 15 will take place the 6th monthly levy for all monthly taxes and the deposit of the withholding tax on income without a collector (income from self-employed or farmers, property income, alimony, etc.). It corresponds to one tenth of the tax due the previous year. If you have a monthly direct debit contract, you can find your payment schedule on your last tax notice or via your personal online space, in the ” Consult my personal tax situation”.

What is the last June deadline to remember?

If you are not yet monthly paid and you want to set it up, you do not have much time left… Indeed, to subscribe to the monthly direct debit for 2022, you must do so before June 30th. You can do this either online, at your direct debit service center or via your public finance center (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana). “The 1st direct debit will take place from the 15th of the following month”, specifies the Public Service.