Regular changes. Every spring, you must update your tax return, so that the taxman knows exactly how much he must take from you, after the changes in your situation. Marriage, birth of a child, increase or decrease in your income… The reasons for adjustment are numerous and can sometimes be subject to errors on your part, as well as on that of the tax authorities.

A major change in 2023 concerns all owners. As the Public Service website explains, “from January 1 and until June 30, 2023 inclusive, all owners of real estate for residential use (…) must declare the occupation of their accommodation” . They must do so in the “Manage my property” space on the website.

Why this requirement? The site recalls that after the abolition of the housing tax, it is necessary to “precisely determine the owners still liable for the housing tax (secondary residence, rental housing) or the tax on vacant housing”. The tax authorities therefore ask all owners of a “main, secondary or rented residence” to make an additional declaration to the tax authorities before July 1st. In all, 34 million people are affected, for 73 million premises.

Here are the affected owners:

In addition to this obligation for these millions of French people, other changes should be noted for the year 2023. Find out which ones below.