Taxes: 6 simple tips to put in place now to reduce the bill


Some have every interest in hurrying. The 2021 income declaration campaign, as part of the collection of tax due for the year 2022, has now been open for a long time. It is possible, for all taxpayers and since April 7, 2022, to inform the tax authorities of the reality of their emoluments. Some, among the quickest, may have encountered technical problems when trying to complete the electronic declaration form. An error on the side of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP) indeed forced it to close the software for a while.

That being said, there are now only a few days left for all French people who can only go through the paper declaration. These taxpayers must indeed send their information to the administration before May 19, 2022, 11:59 p.m. The others, as Planet has explained in the past, have a little more time.

Tax, it is a subject that still worked a lot for the French and the French during the presidential campaign, weighs heavily on the budget of some households. Fortunately for them, devices allow you to pay less. But, for the most part, they cannot be used before the end of the declaration campaign. A few, on the other hand, can be used very quickly. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.