The first deadline has come. This Tuesday, May 24, 2022, taxpayers residing in the departments between Ain (01) and Corr├Ęze (19) will have to complete their tax return online, if this has not yet been done. There is no more time to lose ! Be careful, however, to check the information pre-filled by the tax authorities. Also pay attention to all the new features for 2022, in order to take advantage of the various tax advantages. It would indeed be a shame not to benefit from the tax credits to which you are entitled or even from the mileage scale revalued this year. Because any omission or error could penalize you twice: you can indeed pay more tax than you owe and be sanctioned in certain cases.

To avoid any delays, refer to this calendar, which brings together all the deadlines (online and paper) for the 2022 declarative campaign.

All departments: May 31, 2022 for the paper tax return (the postmark being authentic).

Remember that only taxpayers who do not have access to the Internet or who do not have the ability to use digital tools can still use the paper form.

If you declare your income tax after the due date, you risk at least a 10% increase on your taxable income, in the absence of formal notice.

Discover in the slideshow below the other penalties incurred in the event of inaccurate information or concealment of information.