Taxes: 5 donations that can reduce your tax bill


The tax and asset declaration season will not start until spring 2023 for the year 2022, but in the meantime, taxpayers have until the end of December to modify that of 2021… But also to try to reduce the tax invoice for the current year.

Be careful, however, not to fall on the side of tax evasion! Tax officials are more watchful in times of crisis: in 2021, the state would have collected nearly 10 billion euros following checks, as Le Figaro reports.

In addition, the progressive scale determining income tax was increased this year to 5.2% in the face of galloping inflation. Unless you received a pay rise, you should therefore pay less income tax this year.

Donating to certain associations can also make you benefit from tax reductions. Payments made up to December 31 will be taken into account for your next declaration. The rebate will be in the form of a deduction from the balance of the tax on income for 2022. These donations can also allow you to access a reduction in property wealth tax, if you are concerned by this last.

However, keep in mind that you cannot be entitled to both a reduction on income tax and on real estate wealth for the same donation. However, you can alternate to get both. Here again, caution is in order: the list of organizations entitled to a rebate on the IFI is much more restricted than that for income tax. Finally, the total amount of the rebate cannot exceed 20% of taxable income, in which case the difference will be carried over to the following 5 years.

Find below the different possible reductions on the IR and the IFI for each of your donations.