Since April 13, 2023, taxpayers can go to their impots.gouv personal space to validate their tax form. According to aufeminin, the tax declaration of one in 6 French people is pre-filled automatically. However, it is imperative to check it to ensure that no income has been forgotten.

Incorrectly filling out your declaration may have consequences on the amount paid. Forgetting to declare part of your income exposes you to a tax adjustment and a lump sum compensation equivalent to 10% of the tax due. However, according to The Independent, one of the incomes frequently forgotten by taxpayers is that received through social assistance. Only some of these aids are to be declared. What are they ?

According to, several social aids are exempt from taxes. They should therefore not be declared in your income. Here are which ones:

– family benefits paid by the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA);

– housing allowances, whether personalized housing assistance (APL), social housing allowance (ALS) or family housing allowance (ALF);

– activity bonus;

– the active solidarity income (RSA);

– benefits received if you or a member of your family have a disability.

If the aids mentioned above do not have to be declared, others must imperatively appear on your tax form. Find out in our slideshow below which social benefits to declare for taxes.