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The pet peeve of many French people. When we talk about the tax authorities, some quickly get goosebumps, others the memory of heated conversations with the administration. Seen as the big bad wolf, the manager of our taxes can nevertheless be coaxed, if we show good faith, determination and a little nerve.

Paul, a 30-year-old approaching 40, is used to scrutinizing each line of his tax return so as not to miss an error made by the tax authorities. In recent years, he was able to recover a few tens of euros after negotiations, because he had the truth on his side. For others, the situation is sometimes more complex, as it may involve a reduction, staggering or elimination of income tax. Still, don’t be shy about asking… As long as you do it the right way.

No one is immune to financial difficulties, even temporary ones. Sometimes they can fall at the wrong time if you have to pay income tax at the same time. The tax administration is well aware of this and therefore provides solutions for taxpayers who find themselves in difficulty. As the Public Service website explains, “you can request an extension to pay your income tax and your local taxes”.

The tax site specifies for its part that “the staggering system is applicable to all tax debts corresponding to taxes which have not been paid within the legal deadlines for their total or partial amount, principal and penalties included. “. How to request this delay? What are the sentences to say?

To request the payment deadline, you must submit your request to the Center des Finances Publiques to which you are liable. Several elements must be included in your request:

You can also make this request online or by mail. As you will have understood, it is not enough to request a spread, you must be able to justify it, it is essential for your request to be successful. Make an appointment with your Center des Finances Publiques and prepare yourself in advance: why this spread is necessary, how you can pay in the coming months depending on your situation… Always show good faith, it’s important.

Laddering can be the answer for many, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. How to ask for a free rebate when you can’t pay income tax? Again, it’s possible, but be careful how you phrase it…

When the spread of the amount due is not enough, you can request a graceful discount. It is “a reduction in the amount you owe in taxes”, whether partial or total. Here are the different taxes concerned:

The free rebate request can be made online, at the counter of your Center des Finances Publiques or by post. Here again, supporting documents must be provided to the tax authorities, in particular your pay slips or your rent. The tax decision is then one of these three cases:

If your request is rejected, you can try an amicable appeal.

Again, the main thing is to be able to justify your request. For more efficiency, to be able to prove your good faith, it is better to go directly to the center of public finances. Asked by TF1, a tax officer explains that what interests the tax administration is above all how taxpayers “will manage” to pay this tax. So it’s up to you to come up with a plan for the coming months, if you ask for a partial or total free discount.