The 2023 revenue campaign is in full swing. If you are one of the taxpayers who complete their declaration in paper format, hurry: you only have a few hours left to send your documents to the tax authorities. As evidenced by the official website of the Ministry of the Economy, you have until Monday, May 22 at 11:59 p.m. to submit your declaration, the postmark serving as proof. This deadline is also valid for residents abroad.

As a reminder, only people who do not have Internet access or who are unable to file their tax return online are eligible for a paper tax return.

Regarding the online tax return, the deadline for filing is not the same from one department to another. Here is the schedule, zone by zone:

Once your income has been declared, you will have to wait for the summer to receive your tax notice. Here is the official reception calendar, provided by the website of the Ministry of the Economy, depending on your personal situation: