As every year, some taxpayers will benefit from a refund from the tax administration. However, we will have to wait a little longer. Indeed, even if you are most likely already informed of a possible overpayment (indicated at the end of your tax return), the tax notices will not be sent before the end of July. This document is considered the only value to determine if you benefit from an overpayment, or if on the contrary, you are liable for a balance of income tax, recalls the Journal du net.

So, if you’ve already received an email from tax informing you of a refund, beware. The Directorate General of Public Finances recently issued an alert against a new scam, impersonating the tax authorities. Double check spelling and other syntax errors. If your bank details are requested, above all, do not transmit them. This request is also proof that they are trying to defraud you by emptying your bank account. The tax authorities remind you that they never request this valuable personal data by email.

Also beware of fraudulent calls, because the thugs also act by telephone, by contacting you via premium rate numbers starting with 0 899 or 0 891. However, the number of your public finance center always starts with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. As for the national number, it can be reached on 0 809 401 401.

Before discussing the official schedule for refunding overpayments, let’s recall which cases give rise to a refund.

If it often happens that taxpayers have to settle an outstanding amount to be paid to the tax authorities, the opposite is also possible. This is the case when, for example, your source deductions were greater than the total amount of income tax for which you are liable, for the tax year.

It is also likely when an error has crept into the declaration or a change in family situation (birth of a child, loss of a spouse, etc.) has taken place. The taxpayer must then make a complaint to the competent services.

Finally, in the context of monthly tax payments or provisional payments, the sums paid are not always faithful to reality.

When will you receive your possible refund this year?

A precise calendar indicates the repayment dates. The letters announcing them will reach you between the month of August and the beginning of September. If the payment of the sum by bank transfer is generally made at the same time, it can sometimes precede the mail. Your bank details are not known to the tax department? A check will then be sent to you at the beginning of September. Ideal to cover the costs of summer holidays or to consider escaping for a short weekend at the start of the school year.