Taxes 2022: the most common tax errors


It has been possible for weeks now to declare your income. The tax administration is still waiting for the forms from taxpayers in the least hurry, or from those who still wish to return to the information initially sent. For a certain number of these French men and women, the procedure is not as urgent: some have been able to benefit from a postponement of the date chosen for the final submission of these elements – this is the case for all those who cannot file online – while others simply benefit from a more generous timetable due to their place of residence.

If it is true that the clock is ticking and that the date of submission of the declaration is slowly but surely approaching, this does not mean that the traditional form n ° 2042 should be filled in haste. In order not to have to send it back again, corrected for any errors that some may not have noticed the first time, it is indeed necessary to take the time necessary to do it well. Summary of the main inaccuracies that it is better to track down.

Many taxpayers, recalls Le Figaro in its section Le Particulier, today benefit from automatic declaration. All in all, it concerns more than 11 million households per year, whose information is pre-populated on the declaration.

That being said, this does not mean that the latter can be relaxed: errors sometimes slip, underlines the national daily, on the lines of the form.

First thing to check, therefore: the total amount of withholding taxes paid in 2021 (deductions from wages or retirement pensions, installments, etc.). The amounts actually paid are quite easy to find by logging into your personal space on the tax site, then consulting the history of your deductions.

It should also be borne in mind that automatic reporting has a number of flaws. At the forefront of which, after any errors in the pre-information of the amounts already withdrawn, is forgetting to declare…

It is clear that some of the information made available to the tax administration is not always brought to its attention. It therefore happens that they do not appear on the final declaration.

This is regularly the case of allowances received in the context of sick leave, underlines for example Le Figaro… But also sometimes tax exemptions provided for in the context of the payment of money on a Retirement Savings Plan (PER). We must therefore be vigilant.

Of course, it is possible to correct the tax return sent to the tax authorities. But it is still necessary to do it quickly, specifies the site of the public service. At the risk, otherwise, of having to file a complaint.

If the income has been declared online and you notice an error upon receipt of your tax notice, it will be possible to correct it from August 2022. To do this, you will need to access its online space from a computer, and correct the amounts entered in the boxes. Also remember to check or uncheck those that need to be checked. Once the procedure has been completed, a confirmation email is sent to the taxpayer.

Be careful, however, if the error relates to family status. In this case, you must send a paper declaration to your tax office.