resim 171
resim 171

While inflation is still galloping, grabbing a little more French purchasing power every day, the fiscal calendar has not been put on hold and the end of the year promises to be busy, reports MoneyVox. Indeed, there are many dates that French taxpayers will have to mark with a red cross, because it is important to remember them to best discharge their tax.

If taxes do not affect all French people in the same way, one of the main taxes not to be overlooked in the coming weeks concerns the payment of property tax. However, faced with the decline in purchasing power, Parliament could well give owners a little boost.

Indeed, an amendment adopted to the 2023 Finance Bill aims to cap the increase in the property tax, indexed to inflation. In 2023, this tax could well rise from 6% to 7% if nothing is done, according to the words of Jean-René Cazeneuve, Renaissance deputy and general rapporteur for the budget at the National Assembly, reported by Le Figaro.

However, the increase in rents being capped at 3.5% over one year, some owners could be in difficulty to pay their property tax. For this reason, the deputies adopted a cap on the property tax at 3.5% in metropolitan France and 2.5% overseas. From now on, it remains to be seen whether the National Assembly will adopt the amendment during the dedicated session.

For now, some taxpayers still have to pay property tax before the deadline, which is fast approaching. Here are all the essential dates to remember in the coming weeks.