Haven’t declared your income yet? Maybe it should have been done sooner! This Wednesday, June 8, 2022, all French men and women subject to income tax must have informed the tax authorities… at the risk otherwise of having to justify a delay; and therefore expose themselves to potential sanctions. That said, it is not in the event of an impromptu delay that you will have to pay the most! Of course, such penalties are never easy. But it is in the event of an inaccuracy in the declaration that the tax authorities strike the hardest.

As the public service website explains, the discovery by the General Directorate of Public Finance of the exercise of a so-called “hidden” activity (in short, an undeclared activity, hidden from the eyes of the tax or the ‘urssaf) entails an 80% increase in the tax to be paid. This is why you must be extremely vigilant when declaring your income and be careful not to omit anything. Fortunately, the right to error makes it possible to rectify the form sent to the administration, in the event of an omission or error. Provided you know how to use it, of course!

First thing to know: any declaration, even when it has already been sent, can be rectified. In some cases, recalls CNews on its site, it is even possible to do so after the declaration deadline, from the online tax service. By connecting to their personal space, anyone can indeed modify some of the information provided.

Be careful, however, to announce a change in family situation (which includes the union – marriage, PACS – or its break-up – divorce, break-up of PACS – as well as birth or death), it is necessary to file a paper declaration with of the personal tax department. The latter, specify our colleagues, must also be accompanied by an explanatory letter.

In fact, correcting his declaration is not very complex for any individual who has informed the tax authorities via the virtual tax platform. All you have to do is connect to the online platform and click on “Access the online declaration”. It is then possible to opt for the “Correct” section. You can then modify the amounts entered as well as the boxes, which can be checked and unchecked.

It is also important to keep in mind that it is not always possible to modify your declaration. We will have to wait for the receipt of his tax notice, which should arrive at the end of July. The correction service should therefore open around August and remain accessible until mid-December 2022.

French people who cannot file online can also correct their tax notice.

Many taxpayers do not have the option of filing online. This therefore means that they must opt ​​for a paper declaration, and that it is more complex to correct it in the event of an error. It’s not impossible though!

As explained by CNews on its site, it is then necessary to proceed by mail. Remember to mention only the elements you want corrected, say our colleagues on the basis of information from the public service. It is also possible to go directly to your tax center to proceed on the spot to the realization of a new declaration. This is also an opportunity to get help from an advisor.