Good news if you think you need to correct your tax return: since August 3, the government has offered the possibility of making corrections online. If you wish to modify elements, all you have to do is go to the website until December 14, 2022. However, the application on smartphones and tablets does not yet have this option.

Connect to your personal space, if necessary with your tax number via France Connect, and click on “Access online correction”. You will then be free to correct your 2021 tax return, provided of course that you have completed it online. People who declared their income via a paper form will have to take the same route to reconsider their statements. They will have to download a new form from the tax website or go to the public finance center in their area of ​​residence.

However, beware: as Capital points out, it is not possible to change its entire statement. You are authorized to change the figures indicated in the boxes charges, income, reductions and tax credits or dependents. Similarly, the amount of real estate wealth tax (IFI) can be adjusted.

However, it is impossible to modify your postal address via this service. To do this, you must send a message to the tax department via secure messaging. Ditto if you want to change your bank details or if you have not declared an event (marriage, PACS, divorce, birth or death). You will then have to go to the “Report a change in family situation” section.

No need either to try to modify the box “Contribution to public broadcasting”, for the good reason that it will no longer exist on the next tax returns. Indeed, the TV license fee, as it was originally called, was abolished for all French households in 2022.

“The methods of taxation for the contribution to public broadcasting evolve from 2022 and the 0RA zone becomes inaccessible in correction”, is it specified in the form. This represents a saving of 138 euros per year in metropolitan France (88 euros overseas) for nearly 23 million households.