7.9 billion euros. This is the amount that the tax credit allocated to individual employers should cost public funds in 2023, according to estimates relayed by Le Parisien. At the beginning of January, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire sent his wishes to economic players, in which he announced public finance meetings.

During the month of February, several projects on the structure of public expenditure should be presented, including, among other things, a few modifications around the tax credit for personal services.

As the Ile-de-France daily recalls, an amendment to the finance bill for 2023 now requires taxpayers to specify the nature of their employee’s activity if they benefit from a tax credit. One of the objectives of this measure is to make personal support services more transparent, some of which may be considered superfluous.

“It is clear that, when you see the list, there is everything and anything. In small gardening work, this includes, for example, picking fruits and vegetables!”, Comments tax expert Virginie Pradel in the columns of the Parisian. Some adjustments can therefore be expected in this point of view… But do you really know all the personal assistance services that qualify for a tax credit? We take stock in our slideshow below.