Tax credits and reductions: how much is the advance paid in January?


If the month of January will be synonymous with many additional costs in certain areas, on the tax side, some of the French should have good surprises. Indeed, like every beginning of the year since the introduction of the withholding tax, January 15 is now synonymous with the sending of part of the tax benefits that taxpayers can benefit from.

This year, given that January 15 falls on a Sunday, you will have to wait until the 16th to receive this most pleasant transfer. If this happens as in 2022, this transfer should be called “AvanceCredimpot” and come from the “DGFiP Public Finances”.

Last year, a total of 8.7 million tax households had the pleasure of receiving this. This year, if we do not yet know the precise number of people concerned, these are all the households having received a credit or a tax reduction in 2022, therefore on the basis of expenditure in 2021.

Thus, these households will be able to receive 60% of the amount they were able to benefit from the previous year. To find out if you are eligible, all you have to do is find out about the different reasons such as childcare costs or rental investment and see if you are concerned.

But how much will you receive this year? Find out in our slideshow what the average amount of this advance was for each of the tax credits or reductions, according to figures from the Directorate General of Public Finance, shared by our colleagues from MoneyVox.