Elected Miss Belgium in 2005, Tatiana Silva has gradually established herself in the French audiovisual landscape. TF1’s Miss Weather is a real jack-of-all-trades. As proof, she has just swapped her weather presenter costume for that of an actress. The young woman took her first steps as an actress alongside Mimie Mathy in the series Joséphine, guardian angel.

Asked by LCI, the pretty brunette confided in this new challenge. “As the universe knows that I have no diplomas, it offered me the chance to do a thousand and one things. I have a job, I present the weather forecast, but I never had a vision on what I really wanted to do. I could have been a psychologist, a cemetery guardian or even a tourist guide. But I really wanted to explore the world of cinema and when the opportunity to pass the casting for the role of Ariane in Joséphine Guardian Angel showed up, I went for it. And I worked a lot to uncheck this casting, because I was scared,” she explained.

A first role facing the camera which made him want to continue on this path. “Yes, because it was like tasting something but without going any further. I have the intimate conviction that I will do other things”.

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