Tail light: attack on the man


    the ceremony in the Reichstag this week, thank you very much, who’s gonna look there? Sometimes, it would be advisable, especially as a man, because what Wolfgang Schäuble, together bride, is one of the foundations of our democracy Jogging piece. “We will not come to a realization around”, says the President of the Bundestag, “we have to divide our society and indispensable activities to be performed on even today, mostly by women, unpaid, in a different way: child-rearing, housekeeping, care”. As it is now, cooking, cleaning, tidying up? What plow hosts ingeniöser men working Overtime without regard to their health in the development departments of Dyson, Siemens, Bosch, Miele, or Vorwerk, suction invent the end and the wiper at the end of a robot in the home? The little bit of a transition phase to get the women.

    Holger Appel

    editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

    F. A. Z.

    We men really have to deal with more important tasks. Gold-plated steak eating, motor software to manipulate, twenty-five years the rail against the wall – do you know a woman who could do such a thing? Because women can’t drive a car and not Parking, of course, a man again, with the electric-car Hype to clean up. BDI-President Dieter Kempf does not come with the 40,000 euros expensive BMW i3 changes from Nürnberg to Munich, without in the wind shadow of the truck, then crawl. It was nothing for all life, he has found, under the guidance of Sherlock Holmes.

    In the Cosmopolitan, meanwhile, is that they have revealed to men the secrets of A such as auto hang-up about G how to use statement-a refusal to Z Zuhörprobleme. Such simple accusations to deal with Schäuble. We men have no time, because we now have to do again every weekend indispensable things unpaid: go To the stadium and watch football.