Table Mountain hike ranked among the world’s most congested trails

Adventure tour operator Explore Worldwide recently conducted a study to determine the most crowded hiking trails around the world. The research analyzed the popularity of various hiking routes based on the number of Instagram posts per kilometre of trail.

According to the study, Table Mountain hike in South Africa has been identified as the world’s 7th busiest trail, with 1,189 Instagram posts per kilometre. Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu took the top spot as the most crowded hike globally, with over 22,000 Instagram posts per kilometre, followed by the Inca Trail in Peru with 6,723 posts per kilometre.

The research also highlighted other popular hiking trails, such as the alpine crossings of Tongariro in New Zealand and the West Coast Trail in Canada, based on the demand indicated by Instagram posts.

Additionally, the article mentions the closure of the Lonehill Koppie hiking trail in Johannesburg for the winter season to protect the local wildlife and preserve the ecosystem. The trail is set to reopen on 7 September after necessary maintenance and conservation efforts by the Lonehill Residents Association.

Overall, the study sheds light on the increasing popularity of hiking trails worldwide and the importance of sustainable tourism practices to protect natural habitats and wildlife.