The American tabaksreus Citigroup is writing billions of dollars off vapingbedrijf Juul. Who is the maker of e-cigarettes, which Altria is a lot of interest, it is controversial. Juul is also under fire because of the marketing directed at young people, and the mysterious health problems for the users. The latter are more likely to be linked to the illegal additives, or liquids containing THC (the active ingredient in cannabis-ed.).

in The Us medication and drug administration FDA has argued recently that the Juul, without solid proof, claiming that their products are safer than tobacco cigarettes. In some U.s. cities and states, the brand is already on the shelves, and more. In Belgium, the e-cigarette Juul since the 17 of september, in the shops, and newsstands.

Citigroup is doing now is just an accounting write-down of 4.5 billion dollars. The company had in the previous year to 12.8 billion us dollars for the acquisition of a 35 percent by Juul, but it shows that there is likely to be far too much to pay. Due to the heavy burden of post Citigroup to a quarterly loss of 2.6 billion us dollars, which is a year ago to 1.9 billion dollars of profit was made. Sales remained flat at 6.9 billion u.s. dollars.