Rapper T.I. along with his spouse Tiny Harris were accused of drugging and sexually attacking numerous men and women, according to a lawyer who’s presently calling for criminal investigations into the allegations. The alleged incidents happened in many countries between 2005 and 2018.

“These girls don’t know about one another, and with no leading in my character, they recount eerily similar cases of sexual abuse, forced ingestion of prohibited narcotics, kidnapping, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment,” Blackburn said in his letters.

Attorney Steve Sadow also referred to as the asserts that a”shakedown” that started on social networking.

“Blackburn repeatedly refused to offer the titles of his accuser-clients or some other corroborating or encouraging proof of his groundless claims,” Sadow said in an announcement. “The Harrises replicate which they’re convinced in case a thorough and honest evaluation is conducted, no charges will be attracted.”

The letters explain multiple alleged cases of drugging and attack. In 2005, a lady in her early twenties met the couple in a bar in California, where she’d one drink of her very own and a sip out of a beverage that Tiny offered her, based on Blackburn’s letter to the California attorney general. She moved into the rapper’s hotel area and became”lightheaded and dizzy” and finally threw up, the letter stated. She rejected his advances said she recalls”waking up naked on the sofa with a towel thrown over her having an extremely sore anus,” the letter maintained.

Three girls have accused the few drugging them in Atlanta. She said she had been working for the bunch at the summer of 2006 if she had been offered a beverage and pills out of Tiny, that made her ill, Blackburn’s letter said. She finally stepped up and woke up naked, thinking that her virginity was taken, the lawyer wrote.

In 2010, the three-time Grammy winner wed Tiny, who’s well known for her songwriting profession in the 1990s.

Both have their own reality television show on VH1, where celebrities record their big family and star life. Deadline reported that MTV amusement, a branch of ViacomCBS, stopped filming to its fourth year to”collect more info” after allegations started to surface earlier this season.

Blackburn remembered the new allegations at a Monday morning news conference also said he has heard claims from over 30 girls.

“One reason that I’ve heard out of all of the girls was that they did not believe anybody would consider them,” Blackburn told reporters Monday, adding that it is”easier to come out if there are other girls who have similar tales to endure with you.”