The American President Donald Trump no longer wants to pull its troops out of Syria quickly, but “smart”. Apparently, the insight has prevailed that the work of the Anti-IS coalition is not yet done, and that of a vacuum, which would leave Washington, also of Iran and its militias would benefit. But the damage is already done. Because trump’s announcement of 19. December, Syria’s ruler Assad and his Russian Patron associated with the updraft.

For the first Time since the beginning of the civil war, units of the Syrian army are Manbij in the city; called you have the Kurds out of fear of a Turkish Offensive. It should be true that Russian officers will accompany you, would Moscow. in the part of Syria to penetrate, as in case of Washington’s zone of influence Anyway it has been running for two weeks is good for Assad: The United Arab Emirates, which had supported the Rebellion against him, and opened its Embassy in Damascus; Cairo service leaders of Egypt and Syria met in secret; the Sudanese commander-in-chief, Bashir makes visited for the first time since 2011, the Arab head of state to Damascus. You shield all share the desire, in the Middle East, authoritarian regimes against changes.

The condition that comes, will be no peace

A good news is to the beginning of the year that the war has called for in Syria to 2018 “only” 20000 deaths, so little as never since 2011. The war between the Regime and the rebels is to be decided militarily, even if the reasons for the survey. The condition that comes, will be no peace. This is even more true, since external actors for new fronts with new war provide reasons. So Iran and Israel in the South a war in the North, Turkey and the Kurds.

Were Assad and Russia, the winner of the past two weeks, Turkey is the loser. Your goal is to control the North of Syria, is moved again into the distance, and Russia against the Turkish advances of a cooperation in the Kurdish Northern Syria is currently deaf. A lesson of the past few years, that can change quickly. Because of the war in Syria brings new alliances. He also will not end so quickly.