now, From Pamela Anderson to prince, prince Albert ii of Monaco. As a dj, that Grace is given, Sylvie Ernalsteen (47), on the Côte d’azur’s beau monde for her table. However, she had to put up a fight, and when they are, as a 21-year-old zwaarverbrand was a gas explosion. “My scars are the beauty spots of the, a fighter, a survivor.” As of tonight, she has appeared in Monacovrouwen of Five, which is bathed in luxury and glamour.

“The beauty spots of the, a fighter, a survivor.” So-called Antwerp, Sylvie Ernalsteen, the scars of which she still bears in her face. She was 21 when she was zwaarverbrand was a gas explosion in her home. Paul Jambers two years later, in 1995, came to be wearing them still for a drukmasker, and gloves. In order to restore a little bit of living to do.

in Addition to all of the pain, there was also a mental blow. “When you realize that the world is suddenly different to respond to you. People are staring at you, just put it in the shop. Some of them were afraid. Sometimes, they even take their children away from the area. But, on tv, in my story, it has me helped a lot in my process.”

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the incident also came to her life to an abrupt halt. The plug came out and her modeling, and she stopped, reluctantly, with the meidengroepje it. A group of some of Katia Alens by the way, is that not long after, Joyce De Troch, Inge Moerenhout was to become the Opium. “I have been a broker in real estate, but in all that time, there was something lying dormant. I felt a constant void that needed to be filled.”


then she did a few years ago, at a conference with Oprah Winfrey in Miami, florida. “It was in a large room, such as Stadium, where the pitch was. Suddenly jumped into the light, and began to be a female dj in the middle of plates to spin. My heart was pounding. It is and I knew. I am not good at that, I have some experience, I have been privileged to witness.”

in the Meantime, Ernalsteen “dj Grace” on her business card. She turned to her first show in Cannes, france, at a soviet beauty pageant, and is now the resident dj of the exclusive yacht club as Monaco and the Hotel de Paris in Saint-Tropez. With the calendar soon to work in spain and on the island, and a private, single – Monte Carlo is in the works. “A prince Albert, and actress Joan Collins or Pamela Anderson, I have to get them for my table. You know, I am on those evenings, would prefer a dj, a special guest. Then, I saw people watching, I have control of it and decide I’m in the mood.”

is No longer The ‘wife of’).

Currently living in Ernalsteen in the heart of the French Cannes, she’s in her own words – “an apartment at the view in Monaco”. Her husband, who is yet to be seen, when Paul Jambers in her 2012 re-visiting it, there is out of the question. “You may call me an independent woman with a lot of energy. According to their own choice. I had a rich wife, but she is no longer the wife .”